June 3, 2021

Push to start

As a solopreneur, your time is your most valuable and limited asset. Automating your sales process is easier than you may think. Almost every CRM now has a marketing system built-in or available as an add-on option. Making effective use of these tools can save a huge amount of time and ensure your sales follow-up happens. If you don’t have your CRM setup yet make sure it has this feature enabled.

Start with a map

Let’s start with a simple email outreach. Begin by deciding how many times you want to contact each prospect. Then lay out the path you want them to take. Map it out on paper so you can visually see the flow. Here’s a simple example:

In this example the first email is sent to a prospect. If they open it but don’t respond they get a second email, if they open it and respond, they are invited to schedule a consultation. If they didn’t open the first email they receive a third different email. As you can imagine these maps can get quite complex, but the actions are similar.

Next automate the sales process in your CRM

Each CRM will have a different way to automate the steps above. Create each email as a template and include personalization so they don’t look like mass emails. Then go through your list of leads and segment them to allow for further personalization. Adjust the templates accordingly.

Decide how many leads you want to target with each set of emails. It doesn’t make sense to send 200 emails if you won’t have the time or resources to follow-up on them.

Most CRMs will allow you to control how many emails you send in each batch. I recommend starting small until you get an idea of the response rate and then meter them so you’ll have time to follow-up on each response.

Email is just the beginning

Here are a few other things you can automate in your sales process.

  • Set up your website contact forms to automatically post that new lead into your CRM and alert you that it’s there so you can reach out to your new prospect while your site is still fresh in their mind.
  •  Your CRM can watch your website and alert you when a prospect takes a specific action and initiates a sequence of steps. For example if a prospect visits a page on your site that talks about an upcoming webinar, your CRM could send them a personalized invitation to register. Then send them a reminder text the day of the webinar.
  • When you add a lead to your CRM many systems will automatically update that lead with background information from social media and other sites. This can be things like industry, company size,etc.
  • A great way to save time and make your prospects’ sales journey easier is to use an automated booking tool like Calendly to eliminate the back and forth of setting up a meeting or phone call.
  • Setup automatic lead scoring so you will know which leads are most likely to close and follow-up on the first

Sales process automation can save you hours every week and make your sales process more efficient. How many of these are you already doing and how many more can you add to save even more time? Almost any repetitive manual task can be automated. This will not only save you time, it will also reduce errors and eliminate things falling through the cracks and missing opportunities.


If you would like to discuss how your sales process can be automated it will be my pleasure to book a no-obligation consultation. Just click here to book your session.

About the author 

Michael Dalfonzo

I’ve had several career’s over the course of my working life. I’ve made plenty of mistakes, learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t. I’ve built several very successful sales organizations along the way and I’ve learned what’s needed to take a great entrepreneurial idea and turn it into a sales generating machine.

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