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If you're like many entrepreneurs, you’ve created your MVP (minimum viable product) and you're ready to go to market. You know you need sales but you don't have a sales background and you don't know where to start.  

You don't know what you don't know. 

Wouldn't it be great if you had someone who's been there and done that to help guide you. You need a sales consultant who will help you build a sales platform that will deliver the revenue you need to grow. 

That's where I come in. I'll take the time to learn what makes your business tick. I'll understand why you do what you do.  Then we’ll work together to develop a sales blueprint and put the tools and structure in place you need to ensure your success.


 What I'll Do For You

Sales team building

Sales Team Building

I’ll help you find, hire and train a sales team. This is a critical part of the service. I’ll vet and interview candidates and present a list of potential sales people for you to interview. It’s important that you feel confident in your sales team so the final decision on which of them to hire rests with you.

CRM development

CRM Development

A CRM the heart of your sales organization; it provides a central place to store all interactions with customers and potential customers so things don't fall through the cracks. Choosing a CRM that matches how your business operates and sells is critical.  Setting it up can be a daunting task,  I’ll take that worry off your plate completely.

sales process design

Design Sales Process

Every business has its own sales cadence and time to close. Some are short and others can stretch out for weeks or even months. Learning about your business, who your customers are and how they buy will allow me to design a sales process that will be most effective for your business.

Team mentoring

Team Mentoring

I’ll provide the wisdom I’ve garnered through years of hands-on experience  by setting up scheduled mentoring sessions for each member of your sales team for the duration of my engagement with your company. I'll work one-on-one with each of them.  Their success is my success.

go-to-market strategy

Go-to Market Strategy

Having a great product or service is just the first step, having a well defined go-to-market strategy is also critical. Who is your ideal customer or client? What’s the potential size of the  market? What’s the best way to reach and engage with those customers? These are all important questions that will help us work together to define and build a solid strategy.

Sales targets and goals setting

Set Realistic Targets & Goals

Goals are important, but they must be realistic and attainable. I’ll help you define and set reasonable goals that will challenge the team while allow them to succeed.

Sales Reporting

Sales Reporting System Design

You can’t manage what you don’t track. I’ll help you define KPI’s (key performance indicators) so you’ll always know where your business stands. Good reporting will help you spot and fix performance issues before they become problems.

startup business help

On-going Advice & Support

Keeping the sales team motivated and delivering the results you need and expect is another key ingredient in the overall success of your business. I’ll be available to coach your team through those difficult customer interactions.

Why Choose Me

As Simon Sinek says in his now famous Golden Circle TED Talk, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”. So why should you choose The Startup Sales Guy as your startup sales consultant. Why did I decide to start helping startup’s with their sales? I remember when I started my first business; I had never sold anything before and I was terrified. I had no idea where to start or even what I didn’t know. I can help entrepreneurs who are facing that same terror. I’ll use my years of business experience to help your company avoid the pitfalls and help you build a sales organization that delivers.

When you choose to work with The Startup Sales Guy, you’ll get someone who will roll up his sleeves and get into the details of making sure that your sales organization works. I take a hands-on approach and I’ll do the heavy lifting to provide a holistic approach to your sales organization.

I’m not the guy you call to help you with a pitch to a VC; I’m the guy you call to get help with what will get a VC’s attention: sales. There isn’t much that a robust, successful sales organization can’t help. Revenue is the fuel that keeps your business growing and attracts investors. I’m a big believer in bootstrapping to grow a business. All of the successful exits I’ve been a part of have been companies that bootstrapped their way to success. Yes, there were times when we thought we weren’t going to make it. Times we worried about making payroll. But we persevered and those companies went on to being acquired with profitable exits.

I’ll take the time to get to know you and your business. What are your goals and your passion? Why did you decide to start your business? What’s your mission? Why do your existing clients choose your products or services?

Over the years I’ve had several careers. I started at 15 as a DJ at my local radio station and worked in radio for decades. I advanced from an air-talent to Program Director and other management positions at several top rated stations in major markets. Over the next several years I started my first consulting business, worked at the premier research firm for the broadcast industry and then segued into the software space.

I was part of the management team at several companies that all went on to being acquired by larger firms, all with profitable exits. It was at those companies that I learned what works and what doesn’t to build sales. I made plenty of mistakes, and learned from each of them. I’ve had lots of success and some spectacular failures, and in each case I learned a hard lesson, often multiple lessons.

I bring all of this experience and hard won wisdom to each client project. I’ll provide your startup with a personal approach, I’ll take the time to get to know you, and most importantly why you do what you do. Then we’ll work together to build a sales organization that is designed from the ground up for your business. I maintain a very limited client list so that each client receives my focused attention.

Your success is my success. Let’s book a no-obligation consultation to discuss how I can help your startup build a successful sales organization.

About Michael Dalfonzo

The Startup Sales Guy

I’ve had several careers, I’ve made plenty of mistakes and I've learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t. I’ve built several very successful sales organizations and along the way I’ve learned what’s needed to take a great entrepreneurial idea and turn it into a sales generating machine.

I began my career as a major market radio DJ,  Program Director and Station Manager. I've owned and run a successful broadcast consulting business. From there I moved to the leading market research firm for radio and  developed, conducted and analyzed market research for radio clients across the country. Seeing the trend in media moving into the digital space I pivoted into the software space where I built sales organizations for several companies. Over the next several years, three of the companies I worked with were sold with very nice exits for the owners.

I live in Danbury Connecticut with my wife of 37 years and our two rescue dogs. Allow me to take the wisdom I've acquired through my years in the trenches to help your startup. Together, we'll take your brilliant idea to market and build a sales team that will deliver the revenue you need to grow your business.

Let’s talk about where your company is on the growth curve and what is needed to take it to the next level.  As a startup consultant and mentor, I’m here to help entrepreneurs, like you, who have a great product but no sales background, avoid the inevitable pitfalls along the way and build a sales team that delivers results.

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Dana Murphy

Sales Manager, WideOrbit, Inc.

"I am lucky enough to have worked with Michael at both RCS and Abacast/WideOrbit. He is a great resource to any company and is a complete professional through and through"


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